Former U.S Team Equestrian athlete, Olympic contender, Marathon runner, and Cat 2 bike racer has savvy insights on the mental aspects of performance.

Abigail Lufkin

She’s been there. Abigail has been an athlete and competitor from a very young age. Abigail was fourteen when she competed in her first CCI three day event and sixteen when she won her first National title. She was short listed for the US Olympic team in 1992, and 2004 and was selected in 2000 although an injury to her horse kept her from being able to compete. She has competed in the World Championships and won both gold and bronze medals at the Pan American Games. Abigail qualified for Boston in her second marathon and advanced to Cat 2 in bike racing in only eighteen months of competing. Abigail not only knows the pressure and anxiety of competition, but she knows firsthand how to use these to create success.

She can relate. Throughout her years of training and competing, Abigail has experienced setbacks and injuries, and then rebuilt her strength and confidence to go on to greater success. She has battled through times of physical fear as well as fear of failure. She honed her mental skills during these times, and used them to her real advantage upon her return to competition. In her years as a mental skills coach of novice athletes up to Olympians , Abigail has refined and enhanced these skills to help clients achieve their goals.

She can help you. Abigail has used sports psychology in her own competitive preparations and knows what a tremendous advantage it provided her. She has witnessed it transform her clients, enabling them to achieve goals that they never imagined possible. Abigail can help you to go after your goals effectively, targeting focus, relaxation and fun. It’s likely that you have spent years honing your physical skills. With Abigail’s help, you can now take the next step to become the best athlete and competitor you can be. Working with Abigail, you will come to understand that everything you need to be successful already exists inside of you. Abigail will help you tap into a source of strength and confidence you might not have known existed.

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