What is Sport Psychology?

What exactly is Sport Psychology? Our mind state can be as influential to a successful performance as our physical state, yet we so often take it for granted. Sport Psychology, sometimes called Mental Training or Mental Skills Training is used to help an athlete with the mental or emotional component of their sport. It can include techniques to improve focus, promote relaxation and concentration, or turn pre-game jitters to your competitive advantage. A Sport Psychology Consultant can help you with appropriate goal setting, including when to move up to the next level; design specific strategies for an upcoming competition or deconstruct past competitive experiences to target areas for further mental training; recover from a set-back or injury; and competently negotiate issues with coaches, teammates or other competitors.

How will Abigail be able to help me?

I have helped individuals with

Fear after an accident or fall
Performance anxiety
Focus and concentration, particularly under pressure
Developing a positive, confident mind state
Goal setting
Making perfectionism work
Overcoming mental limiters
I am just starting out in my sport, is sports psychology really for me?

Sports Psychology can help anyone who wants to improve their performance while increasing their enjoyment. Learning mental training techniques early in your athletic career can be enormously beneficial. Many upper level athletes are still novices in mental training, so no matter where you are in your sport, sport psychology can provide tools and tactics to help you succeed. Sports psychology is often used as one tool to specifically improve performance. However it can also address issues around your relationship with your horse, issues with team mates, or attitudes toward practice; challenges that are faced by competitors at every level.